Management Systems Certification

The Management System Certification Department of Hellenic Register of Shipping, was founded in 1996, and currently consists of a great number of Surveyors (internal employees and external collaborators), in Greece and abroad; maintaining a wide variety of specializations in fields such as: (chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, electricians, environmental engineers, veterinaries, agriculturalists, e.t.c.)

Indicative List of  Customers

The Management System Certification Department provides prestige and value to a company’s services, while maintaining accreditation for ISO/IEC17021 and EN 45011 International Standards, which are annually evaluated by the Hellenic Accreditation System (E.SY.D.).(

1. The Management System Certification Department provides Inspection Services to our clients according to the following Standards:

- Quality Management (ELOT EN ISO 9001)
- Environmental Management (ELOT EN ISO 14001)
- Occupational Safety and Health Management (OHSAS 18001/ΕΛΟΤ 1801)
- Food Safety Management (ISO 22000)
- Information Security Management Systems (ISO 27001)
- Regulation 1.4 of the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC)

2. The Management System Certification Department is organizing the following Seminars:

- Surveyor Coordinators
- Internal Coordinators
- Introduction / Presentation of Standards
- Interoffice Seminars

Management Systems Certification Department of HELLENIC REGISTER OF SHIPPING enforces a documented process that deals with the recording and management of appeals and complaints, (Ε.Ν.Π. Δ 08 Complaints Appeals). Also an up-to-date online list is maintained for all suspended or withdrawn certificates.

Management Systems Certification

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